It owes its name to the Romans. Arrival point of a road that started from Vico Equense, crossing the Lattari mountains. Under the Bourbon dynasty, the current connection was made, improved over time, and which connects Castellammare to the Amalfi Coast. This is where a temple dedicated to Minerva once stood, replaced by an early Christian church and, in the eighteenth century, by the Basilica of the Madonna del Lauro, its patron saint. Alimuri shipyards The Greeks with the adjective “alimurei ζ” indicated one of their five landing points in the Sorrento Peninsula, characterized by the noisy flow of a waterfall that flowed into the sea at Alimuri. From 1650 the activity of the Alimuri shipyards developed which existed since 1200. But the economic boom ex
In Meta you immediately feel the presence of a very particular environment: placid houses of the past that show they have nothing in common with modern bourgeois villas. They are the houses of the long-distance captains, of the owners of the ancient Neapolitan navy, built from the second half of the eighteenth century to the end of the nineteenth century. Often the house opens with a portal in Vesuvian stone that stands out in dark gray on the white plaster of the facade. The nineteenth century was the golden age of sailing and the Metese navy lived up to it. With the decline of this type of navigation came the decline, interrupted only by tourism. Meta today The main asset of Meta are its beautiful and wide beaches, easily reachable by car and equipped with parking: prerogatives that make Meta unique in the context of the Sorrento Peninsula. Meta has therefore carved out a very specific role over the years: that of offering tourists and residents a seaside tourism classically understood (establishments, sandy beaches, not too deep seabed, etc.) “service” performed very well. The Metesi have poured into the tourism industry the genius and initiative that has always distinguished them, and which in the past they dedicated to the shipbuilding industry.

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Distance: 5 km. By car / motorbike: drive along Corso Italia through the towns of Sant’Agnello and Piano di Sorrento. By bus: with the Circumvesuviana bus lines.

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