Suddenly, after the bends of Punta Scutolo, the road that leads from Naples to the Amalfi Coast appears, with its coast overlooking the sea and the breathtaking view. Suspended as it is between the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea. Legend has it that the mythical Sirens who tempted Ulysses with a melodious song, and in despair then turned into rocks, the current islets of the Gauls. The signs of a life in the prehistoric are present at the Capo di Sorrento, at the Nicolucci cave. Founded by the Ausonians, Sorrento underwent strong Greek influences; still today this urban layout is visible from the remains of the Porta di Parsano and that of Marina Grande. Alternating dominations of the Etruscans, of the Oscis and then of the Romans.
Today many foreign tourists celebrate their symbolic weddings in the enchanting garden inside the museum. To get to know the city you have to walk around it. Visit its villages, that of the fishermen of Marina Grande and the other of Marina Piccola, the port of Sorrento. Admire the historic center, the upper and oldest one in via Pietà and the other in via San Cesareo. The first corresponds to the upper decuman of the ancient plan, modified by the modernization of 1861, with the construction of Corso Italia. Via Pietà is lined with eighteenth-century noble houses, such as Palazzo Correale, Casa Veniero. In via San Cesareo, at the beginning of the street, you can admire the remains of the Porta seat, from the Angevin period and in the square of the Schizzariello, the one called Dominava, where the nobility gathered to decide the fate of the city. The only evidence of the time left in Campania. But there is also a Sorrento unknown to most, the hilly one and the citrus groves. Where olive trees, walnuts and oranges and lemons follow one another giving the city those colors that make it so fantastic.

From Sorrento to

Roma: 257 km.
Napoli: 48 km.

Info & Useful numbers

Police: +39 0818074433 Taxi: +39 0818782204 Postal Office: Corso Italia 212, Via Capo 108 Azienda Autonoma di Cura, Soggiorno e Turismo: Via L. De Maio 35, tel. +39 0818074033

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